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Echogram A cappella


林詠恩 || 高音
關芷瑩 || 中音/低音
呂銓欣 || 中音/低音
曾楚翹 || 人聲敲擊

Wendy Lam || Soprano
Ophelia Kwan || Alto/Bass
Astrid Lui || Alto/Bass
Gloria Tsang || Vocal Percussion



Established in 2017, female A cappella group Echogram manifests a wide range of characters with vitality. The four members come from different backgrounds, yet share the same passion and belief.

“Echogram” is a process of using echoes to create heart images. It symbolizes our aim to penetrate sincere voices into the hearts of audiences, inducing resonance.




曾為青協香港旋律成員,在2013年代表香港到台灣表演及交流;亦曾參與2014及2016香港國際無伴奏合唱節音樂盛典,無伴奏合唱音樂劇場《Life +》、《兒時光境》等。



Wendy Lam
Currently an university student, Wendy has been actively participating in a cappella and dance performances.

Wendy was a member of The HKFYG Hong Kong Melody Makers and had represented Hong Kong to Taiwan for cultural exchange. She has also participated in the Hong Kong International a cappella Extravaganza in 2014 and 2016, as well as some other a cappella choral theatres including Life +, Kinderzenen.

Wendy has achieved remarkable results in various competitions since primary school, including over 30 Awards in the Hong Kong School DanceSport Championship, a total of 9 Honour Awards in the Schools Dance Festival (Modern Dance) and 4 Gold Awards in the Open Dance Contests. An Outstanding Choreography Award was granted in 2014 for her very first choreography.

Not only does she want to express herself through singing and dancing, but more importantly to present meaningful performances in front of the audience.


藝術行政工作者。自幼熱衷合唱,六歲加入香港兒童合唱團,曾隨團到世界各地如德國、匈牙利、維也納、奧地利、澳門、中國深圳等演出。熱衷於各類型及風格合唱表演,為多個本地合唱團的成員,包括聲蜚合唱學院、香港管弦樂團合唱團、香港合唱新力量、青協香港旋律等等。曾與多位古典音樂大師合作,如里霖、馬捷爾、梵志登、韋邁克等。亦曾與本地流行歌手側田、吳業坤及JW 王灝兒等合作。

就讀大學期間,曾參加校內不同歌唱比賽,並獲得合唱組冠軍及連續兩屆獨唱組亞軍。2017年,在第五屆「荃灣最強音」(13-39歲組別) 獲得冠軍。

近年無伴奏合唱的主要演出:《奇妙一刻》多媒體音樂舞蹈劇場、2014青島國際藝術節及青島世界園藝博覽會、《國際無伴奏音樂盛典》2016-2017、 TEDx 2017 表演嘉賓、多個無伴奏合唱劇場包括《未曰》、《友達の歌》、《兒時光境》、《年少多好》等。


Ophelia Kwan

Currently working as an arts administrator. Ophelia was a member of the Hong Kong Children’s Choir since six years old, and has performed in various countries and cities around the world. Engaged actively in different forms and styles of chorus performances, Ophelia is a member of various local choirs, including SingFest Choral Academy, Hong Kong Philharmonic Chorus, The Hong Kong Virtuoso Chorus, The HKFYG Hong Kong Melody Makers etc. She has worked with many renowned maestros in classical music such as Helmuth Rilling, Lorin Maazel, Jaap van Sweden, Brett Weymark among others, also local pop-singers like Justin Lo, Ng Yip Kwan, JW etc.

Ophelia has participated in different singing contests during her study in university and has received several awards. In 2017, she was the champion in the 5th Tsuen Wan District Singing Contest.

A cappella performances in recent years: International Horticultural Exposition 2014 Qingdao, International a cappella Extravaganza 2016-2017, guest performer in TEDx 2017, couple of multi-media a cappella theatre productions namely Magical Moments, Mei Joek, Dat’s your Song, Kinderzenen, Viva la Vida etc.

Strive to leave every performances with no regrets.




近年參演作品包括:舞蹈天使《別。離別》舞蹈音樂劇場、青協《香港國際無伴奏合唱節音樂盛典》、Music Soulmates《活著多好》音樂會、《陳輝陽X 女聲合唱作品音樂會》(首演)、黑暗劇場《無弦立體聲》 無伴奏合唱劇場、青協香港旋律x青協香港起舞《奇妙一刻》多媒體舞蹈劇場等。


Gloria Tsang

Currently working as a speech therapist, Gloria participates actively in various performances during her leisure time.

Gloria gained her stage experiences through different ballet competitions and performances at a young age. She received a cappella training since secondary school as she joined the school choir. During recent years, she experienced various forms of performing arts: graduated from One Year Professional Physical Theatre Youth Training Programme of Tang Shu Wing Theatre Studio; as well as being a member of DancingAngels, participating in community performances through modern dance under the training of Andy Wong.

Recent productions include: Separating from Separations for DancingAngels, International a cappella Extravaganza for HKFYG, Alive for Music Soulmates, The Girl’s Prayer – Chan Fai Young x Women’s Choir Concert, A cappella Dark Theatre, Magical Moment for HKFYG Hong Kong Melody Makers x Hong Kong Youth Dance.

Searching for my true self through arts, enjoying the moment of connecting my body and voice.






Astrid Lui

As a freelancer working in the arts field, Astrid actively involves herself in music education and theatre. She has been the coordinator and physical coach of SingFest Choral Leadership Training Camp since 2013, nurturing talented secondary school choir leaders. Astrid is currently working as a choir conductor and vocal coach of various primary and secondary schools, guest judge of singing contests and tutor of a cappella courses at Yat Po Singers.

Astrid graduated from The Hong Kong Education University, majoring in music education. Apart from being the student principal conductor of the school choir, she has also participated in various international performances, including a concert with New York Philharmonic at the renowned Carnegie Hall during her study.

Recent a cappella performances and theatre productions: International a cappella Extravaganza 2016, Magical Moments, Dat’s your Song, Kinderzenen, Viva la Vida.

Believed that we can cultivate kindness into students’ heart through arts education, which will blossom someday.



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