Echogram A cappella


林詠恩 || 高音
賈亦勤 || 高音
關芷瑩 || 中音
呂銓欣 || 中音
徐芷琦 || 低音
曾楚翹 || 人聲敲擊

Wendy Lam || Soprano
Karen Ka || Soprano
Ophelia Kwan || Alto
Astrid Lui || Alto
Jackie Chui || Bass
Gloria Tsang || Vocal Percussion




Established in 2017, female A cappella group Echogram manifests a wide range of characters with vitality. The six members come from different backgrounds, yet share the same passion and belief.

“Echogram” is a process of using echoes to create heart images. It symbolizes our aim to penetrate sincere voices into the hearts of audiences, inducing resonance.


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